If you work commercial paint jobs, you are almost certainly overpaying for professional paint brushes. Foxbrush equips you with a professional paint brush for a third of the cost.

Our founder worked as a painting contractor for over 30 years, and grew frustrated with the high cost of contractor-quality brushes. When he discovered brushes with the perfect balance of low cost, versatility, and high quality, Foxbrush was born to help other paint contractors save money on brushes and focus on their work.

How are prices so low? For one, we avoid charging "brand tax" that you have to pay when buying brushes like Purdy or Wooster. In other words, you  pay for the raw materials and not much else. We keep our overhead low to make sure we can pass savings to your bottom line. Our staff avoids frills and extra costs, which allows us to offer a high-quality product at a third of the price. Here are a few examples of how we are currently saving you money:

  • Shipping   Shipping is always free for our customers with orders over $75! This helps contractors or large project managers guarantee the lowest price possible. We find the most affordable way to deliver your individual order.

  • Trusted Advertising   Because our customers love our professional paint brushes, new costumers come through trusted word-of-mouth referrals.

  • Packaging   Our customers buy in bulk packages such as 12 brushes or 72 brushes, which allows us to reuse packaging from the original raw materials.

  • No "Brand Tax"   We charge you the cost of raw materials plus what we need to cover our minimal overhead. That's it.

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